The Wine Ceremony

Yet another addition that can be made to your Wedding.

The Bride and Groom pour each other a glass of wine.

The years of our lives are a cup of wine poured out for us to drink. The grapes when they are pressed give forth good juices for the wine. Under the winepress of time, our lives give forth labor and honor and love. Many days you will sit at the same table and eat and drink together. Drink now and may the cup of your lives be sweet and full to running over.


The Rose is the symbol of love, and the blending of the red and white wine creates a light pink Rose Wine, celebrating the love of the new couple.

Before the wedding begins, red wine and white wine, each in a small carafe, are placed next to a larger empty carafe with one or two wineglasses on a small table near the couple. The center carafe, called the “Marriage Carafe” is usually a bit larger than the two outside “individual” carafes. The Wine ceremony usually takes place after the ring exchange. Music during the wine ceremony can add a nice touch, but is always optional.


The Officiant announces “To symbolize and celebrate the blending of your two lives into one, I invite you to perform the Wine Ceremony”. The couple proceeds to the table and each takes an individual carafe and pours some wine into the larger carafe. The Groom then takes the larger filled carafe with the combined wine and pours some in a glass for the Bride.

The Bride then takes the larger carafe with the combined wines and pours some into a glass for the Groom. He may now toast his Bride with, “Now our lives are one” or “To our lives together” or “To us” and drinks from the glass. This is a great place to add some special words to each other. The Bride then toasts the Groom with the same.

They place the wine glasses back and turn back to the officiant, who states: “This ceremony represents your two individual lives, combined like the two wines into one single life. The drinking of the combined wine signifies the commitment you now make to live your lives as one family. May you remember this day of commitment you have sealed with drinking of the new wine joining your lives as one.”

The Officiant may also announce that immediately after the service others may drink the new wine of their commitment to one life if they so desire, or Rose Wine may be served at the reception to mark this ceremony.

white red wine

In this wine ceremony, a single glass of rose wine is placed on a table, from which both the Bride and Groom will both drink after the reading.

In this glass are the fruits of Creation, Mankind and Mother Earth. The years of our lives are like a cup of wine that is poured out for the sake of labor, honor and love. Many days you will sit at the same table and eat and drink together. Many are the experiences you will share.

As with a glass of wine, one of you may find it sweet, the other perhaps dry or somehow different. Let the drink you share today serve as a reminder that although you may perceive things very differently, being right is never more important than being happy. With this space that you give each other, always putting your commitment to love and honor one another first, your lives together will grow deeper, richer and greatly satisfying, like a rare and fine wine. You may now drink from this fountain of love. (Couple gives each other a drink from the same glass)

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