The Past

Today I had the chance to speak with someone from my past.  It was a bittersweet challenge.  But ultimately, things were said that perhaps ease some hurt inside both of us.  It did not change the past but it lifted perhaps some heaviness from experiences some time ago.

I mention this because as we go through life we may struggle, endure hardships, and hold feelings deep inside that no one else knows.  You try to be strong and hold your pain and sorrow in silence and just carry on.  This might be commendable as long as you don’t try to ignore the fact that it exists.  You must be clear and not lie to yourself about how and what you feel.  If you do, it will hurt you.  You can be stoic but ultimately you have to be true to yourself.

I came to realize a long time ago that holding on to grudges and blame depletes ones energy.  I learned that what was was and what is is.  The past is gone and you can’t blame anything on what someone did or fail to do; where you came from; or your parents.  I believe everyone does the best they can at each and every given moment in time during any circumstance in our lives, good, bad or indifferent.

I say to you, release yourself from grudges and blame.  Let go of fears and doubts.  Remember to let your words and actions be guided by your heart.  Love yourself enough to know the truth, accept it and move on.  In front of you lie days ahead, full of promises and hopes.  As you encounter hardships, struggles and challenges, keep in mind that they too shall pass and you will get a chance to look back upon it.  I hope that when you look back upon it you remember to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself for any shortcoming and be grateful that you were able to rise above and continue.

If you love yourself, you’ll have a better chance to love others.

Love and Light,

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