Every morning I’m appreciative of another day here on earth.  To have the ability to share with my friends and family another day; an additional day for the chance to help someone one with a kind word or deed.

There are days that are filled with precious moments and joyous occasions, which I cherish.  Then, like everyone else, there are days that leave a lot to be desired.  But no matter what kind of day it is or what experience it might present, I still try and find at least one thing to be appreciative of.

Some people in this world will experience more obstacles and challenges than you.  Others will experience more happiness and triumphs.  These sentences hold truths for everyone in this world.  Such is life.

So I ask you, will you find it in you to see the good, the positive in your life, in your surroundings?  I challenge you to.  It could be a peaceful afternoon, a walk in the park, the shared sunset.  It could be a baby in your arms or the love of a sibling, parent or spouse.  If you look, I’m sure you can find something to be grateful for, such as another day of life.

Life is precious and fragile.  Life is swift.  Don’t miss the opportunity to give thanks, to share your love and to be the best person you can be each and every day.  Gratitude is appreciation for all that you have and sometimes for all that you don’t have.

Be grateful!

Love and Light,
Rev. Nancy Arenas

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