Every Day

Good morning and blessings for all,

It just came to mind this morning how we go through the day without real intention and sort of la-di-la. I suppose that can be okay for some but for others less fortunate beings that attitude is unfamiliar.

You have the ‘everyday’ people who come across life’s ups and downs with no real gravity. Then you have others whose life’s seems just ‘handy dandy’. Then of course there are those whose life is in ‘total chaos’. But we the ‘everyday’ folk just carry on.

It would behoove all of us to take a little more notice of this, of our lives and those around us.

Some of those folks who landed in the ‘total chaos’ pile were ‘everyday’ people like you and me at one time. I challenge you to be more aware of the happenings in life. Be more grateful for what you have. Lend a hand any chance you can. This will be the only way we can build a better world. Believe me when I say, we need a better world! That better world begins with each and every one of us. The whole gang does not have to hop on this wagon all at the same time. But one by one all of us can make a difference. One by one, we can start the cycle of change to help all beings in this planet.

Don’t contemplate the evils of guns and wars in far off lands, when right here beside you is a child, an animal, a friend, a family member, a person who can use your help right now. Yes, that far off war is a tragedy, but a bigger tragedy is neglecting someone near who is in need and you have the power to help but don’t. Your thoughts and angst on that far off war is commendable but at the moment you may not be in the position to do anything about it.

I close with these words, “Altruism is wonderful if it is sincere and actually makes a difference. A thought is not altruistic.” ~Nancyism

Love and Light,
Rev. Nancy Arenashearts

“We’re all human (and non humans), aren’t we? Every human (and non human) life is worth the same, and worth saving.”
― J.K. Rowling

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