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2016 Wedding Cake Trend Predictions

We find that, increasingly, brides will choose their designs based on their own individual taste, fashion style and colour scheme of their wedding, rather than any trends. couples are becoming more confident and are thus happy to order a wedding cake based on their own tastes without feeling forced to follow a particular trend. As couples choose more individual themes for their wedding they are also choosing a completely individual wedding cake.

However, there are, of course, always themes and trends which prove popular, and elements couples may choose to incorporate into their design.

Here are my predictions for wedding cake trends in 2016…

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Some Different Wedding Ideas

You gotta keep those unsuspecting guests on their toes. Steal these ideas before they become standard wedding fare.

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Extra Information for Wedding Guests

wedrngA separate sheet giving practical information can be included with the wedding invitation to inform guests of further details on the day, accommodation, wedding lists etc. It is fine to print these at home, as long as a good printer and quality paper are used. The following information typically appears within these enclosures: – See more at:

Latest trends in all things bridal

trendsThere’s a strong spirit of individualism in the air this new year, with couples keen on infusing their ceremonies and receptions with personality — their own. “Couples want to communicate who they are,” says Allison Laesser-Keck, of Viva La Diva Events in southeast Michigan. “They, of course, want their wedding to be elegant and Magical and still very fun for their guests. But they also want all of the details to reflect who they are as a couple, their tastes. The result is a wedding that feels very personal and unique.” How does all of this individuality come together? In the details, of course! Here are the most noteworthy wedding trends we’ve got our eye on this year.

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When Planning a Wedding

wed budThere are different registries to help you plan your wedding and all the details for your special day.  Here is one such registry.  Congratulations.

What is a quinceañera?

Learn about quinceañera traditions and the history of the celebration

Hallmark staff

What is a Quinceanera: History and Traditions #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Quinceañera is the Spanish word for a girl who is 15 years old. Among Latinos in the United States, quinceañera also is the name given to the coming-of-age celebration on a girl’s 15th birthday.

The quinceañera has its origins many centuries ago when both boys and girls participated in rites of passage. To prepare for womanhood, girls were separated from other children at a certain age so the elder women could teach them about their future roles as members of family and community. During the official rites of passage, the community would thank the gods for the future wives and mothers, and the young women would vow to serve the community.

Later, missionaries turned the event into a personal affirmation of faith by the young women and a pledge to become good Christian wives and mothers. A church celebration became an important part of the occasion.

Today, the quinceañera celebration often is a lavish party that may include a mariachi band, a feast and many guests—much like a wedding. Planning for a quinceañera can start as early as the birth of a daughter. The family and godparents save up money until the girl is of age. Actual preparations may take anywhere from six months to a year and a half. Dances have to be learned, decorations decided upon, cakes ordered, and in some cases, dresses made.

The young woman wears an elaborate dress in pastel or, more recently, bold colors. Traditions vary, but they may include:

  • Receiving a church blessing
  • Having 14 male and female attendants and escorts, called damas and chambelanes, to represent the previous 14 years of life
  • Presenting a porcelain doll to a younger sister to symbolize leaving childhood behind, or receiving a final doll from her godparents
  • Changing from flats into high-heeled shoes to represent becoming a young woman
  • Dancing the first dance with her father

Did you know?

  • The word quinceañera is derived from the Spanish words quince for 15 and años for years.
  • The quinceañera is one of the few universal Latin American occasions, celebrated from Mexico to Argentina.
  • Although the tradition is evolving with U.S. Latinas, quinceañeras remain very common among second- and third-generation Hispanic girls.

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