Declaration of Consciousness

Heartnsole, Church of Movement for the Body, Mind and Soul of the Universal Life Church & ULC Seminary, Inc.

When in the course of human events it is apparent that change in ourselves is essential and the time has come for a Declaration of the rights for all human and non human beings. We call for action based on our absolute rights to live on a saver, cleaner, peaceful and more compassionate planet. The doors are wide open to finally secure thee rights for all human and non human beings on planet Earth regardless of race, religion, nation affiliation, sexual preference, gender, or speciesism.

We the community of HeartnSole declare:

  1. Every human and non human being has a sacred vitality of awareness and every one of us is interrelated even to the galaxy within which our planets is supported; we have the right to be happy, healthy, free from harm and suffering and to have an equivalent possibility to emerge to our highest individual manifestation.

  2. Every human and non human life form is a facet of the Higher Power; thus any harm of any living existence, human or non human, affects the energetic integrity of the whole.

  3. A call for change whenever and wherever hierarchical control systems cause imbalance, suffering, disharmony or injustice towards human and non human life forms and to end all wars between nations and people through principles of non-violence in the settling of disputes.

  4. Spiritual Liberty and the right and freedom of all human and non human life forms to explore and pursue their own higher awareness according to their own manner of choice; as long as it is respectful and harmless to the rights and well-being of others.

  5. The right to our survival as a species and the preservation of earth which gives us life by shifting its inhabitants out of separation state of mind and in the awareness of love, peace and unity be it human or non human.

  6. A united effort in our educational activities to prevent and end mistreatment, discrimination and partiality based on race, religion, nationality, gender, speciesism and sexual orientation and an end to all regulations and discrimination in the workplace and the political systems.

  7. The reawakening of our connection to life and the environment all around us. We are all interconnected. We are all Children of the same Universe.

  8. The right to make the modifications essential to finally put an end to toxic waste systems and pollution by encouraging new clean energy alternatives; a vegan diet; and to share Earth’s resources more equally and provide their benefits more consistently to all the world’s inhabitants.

  9. And for support of this Declaration, with a firm trust on the protections of the Higher Power, we pledge to each other, Our Divine rights, One Planet, One Awareness, Inseparable, with Spiritual Liberty and Divine Justice for all humans and non humans alike.

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