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Wedding Vow Renewals

For yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision,

But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of vision

and every tomorrow a vision of hope.


Huroaldo & Sara



“We are Girl Empire”
By: Mandi Holden 

When they put my newborn daughter into my arms for the first time,  I was instantly in love and instantly terrified.
I studied her face and her fat little hands.
I was frightened she would forget that she was galactic,
like I almost did. 

A girl.  A galaxy, a canvas huge and vast. One of us. Beaming with brilliance.  Made of Stardust. 

Fibers, minerals, skin and bones. Heart of the earth, wrapped in a blanket and sent home. 

I read her face, and saw myself.  I remember you.   I remember you well. I remember and I pray that you’ll remember to: find the time to learn. Find the time to twirl. Find the time to build.   Find the time for YOU.

And in the perfect and lonely moments of pretend, while you’re still content with being your own friend, Enjoy!
And remember the way it feels…so that you will know that it’s okay to take pleasure in your own company.

When you’re deep in play and everything is just so, and no one else gets a say… Will you remember?  The satisfaction.

So when people call you bossy, you can assure them they’ve come to the right place. Birthright capabilities, replaced with inherited insecurities. Growing up and growing taller.

Do not trade in your backbone when you need it the most. Shooting up through the cracks. Breaking free from expectations. Unfolding our fears away from our hearts and blooming.

Faces toward the sun. Alive with possibilities and blanketing the world with our beauty.

And here we are, 
sleeves pulled up-ready to lift the rug of the world and peek underneath.  Because we are not afraid. We remember who we are. 





Baby Naming

 Each new baby is special

Each new baby is special and each one teaches us something special. A first child teaches you how much you can love another person. The second child teaches you, against all your common sense and all your fears, that love grows when it’s divided. The more people you have to love, the more love you have within you to give. -by Lauren Adelman



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