Other Services Offered

Baby Naming
A Baby Naming Ceremony welcomes the child into the family and community at large. For families who are not churchgoers and do not want a baptism or christening, but do want to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, a Baby Naming Ceremony is a possible alternative. The Ceremony offers a sense of tradition, of ritual, commitment and of offering vows and assurance towards the care for baby.
Baby Glistening
For families who do not want a baptism or christening, but do want to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, in a spiritual ceremony. The Ceremony offers a sense of tradition, of ritual, commitment and of offering vows and assurance towards the care for baby.
The purpose of the ceremony is to celebrate a girl’s transformation from childhood to young adulthood and to formally assign her a new social role before the entire community. Today there are various ways to celebrate the Quinceañera, although the significance has not changed. The Church plays an important role in the ceremony in some Central American countries, as well as in Mexico and Puerto Rico. In other Central and South American countries the Quinceañera celebration has no religious involvement; which makes the banquet the principal part of the event.
Adoption Ceremonies
Rituals are an important part of any life cycle event. They validate our feelings and allow the rite of passage into a new part of our lives. Some of the occasions in which we have rituals are at birthdays, funerals, weddings, births, and for religious celebrations. Having an adoption ceremony is no different than having a ritual for any other occasion. The ceremony helps to validate our feelings and provide a sense of connectedness. An adoption ceremony is a simple ceremony to bring together the parents and child to symbolize the joining of the new family. It is essentially a covenant and all parties stand in front of their witnesses and acknowledge the new bond between parent and child and the lifelong commitment the parents are making. Each parent takes vows to the child and the child accepts their commitments.
House Blessings
Few things bring deeper satisfaction that knowing we are at home! “Home” need not be a traditional house. It can be an apartment or condo, any place that is created to feel like one’s own safe place. The Home Blessing is an “exorcism” of sorts. While that word has all sorts of scary connotations, the purpose of a Home Blessing is to cleanse the space of any negative energy and invite love, kindness and compassion into each room.
Funeral/Memorial Service at the Location of   Your Choosing
Scattering of Ashes Service
Graveside Service
Private Celebration of Memories

A memorial service is a ceremony held in honor of the dead. The term refers to a funeral service when the body is not present, a religious service held in memory of the dead at specific intervals after the funeral, or it may refer to a public ceremony memorializing a public figure or an event in which more than one person died.
Pet Memorials
For centuries we have held funeral rituals and memorial services for loved ones who have passed away. These ceremonies allow us to grieve the passing of our loved ones while also celebrating the life they lived. They provide us with the opportunity to cope with loss and find the closure we need.

So why shouldn’t we do the same for our beloved pets? Our pets have given us years of joy and are regarded as members of the family. When their time is up we grieve in the same way as we do when a person close to us has died. Therefore, it only makes sense to honor them in a way that shows them the proper respect they deserve. A pet memorial service can benefit both adults and especially children as they offer family members the opportunity to pay tribute to a cherished family member.

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