The A-Z for Wedding Planning


A is for ANXIETY (or more appropriately “Aaahhhh!!”): Will the dress look okay? Will the cake arrive on time? Will your drunken uncle Wilber pinch all the bridesmaids bottoms?
Nobody knows, but one thing is for certain – you’re going to experience bucket loads of anxiety from now and until you finally bid your guests goodnight. Accept it now and you may just get through the experience alive.

B is for BRIDE: It’s your day so don’t let anyone spoil it for you. Make sure you look better than your bridesmaids by making them wear peach. It works every time.

C is for CAKE: Arguably the most important photo of the whole day, other than the first kiss, is you stuffing cake into your newlywed’s face. No longer the three-tiered white monstrosities of the past, you get to choose anything from cupcakes to jello as your building blocks.

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