2012/2013 Congratulations!

hand ceremonyAll earthly goods I wish thee.
All that’s good for thee and thine
And still, not only earthly
But all we know to be divine.

May earth and heaven mingle
May earth and heaven be one
All through your earthly journey
Till sets your earthly sun.

In Sunshine and in shadow
Through dancing and in song
May heaven bless your union
Throughout your whole life long.


wed dayDebbie & Ben
Angela & Jeff
Janeth & Fernando
Adriana & Fernando
Litzia & Juan
Angela & Derek
Karina & Alejandro
Itsel & Cesar
Chris & Debbie
Eluit & Maira
James & Laura
Rosendo & Natalia
Stephen & Ashley
Ben & Melissa
Ruben & Gena
Matt & Margaret
Ben & Amy
Daniel & Monique
Logan & Amanda
Ulises & Maria Elena
Jules & Mary Terese
Harkaram & Megan
Ryan & Breyanna
Kent & Ed

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