2014 Wedding Trends

1848163024I always love the start of the year as it’s time to reflect on the year past and look ahead to what’s going to happen this year. I’m so excited about some of the ideas, concepts and special touches which my couples are planning for 2014.

Here are my hot tips for wedding trends which will be big in 2014 and beyond:

Different zone, different design
This started for me in 2013, but continues in 2014 as more and more couples want their guests to experience not just one ‘theme’ or ‘feel’ to their wedding, but sometimes three or four. One couple moved from a cosy, classic, historical venue with the very best of tradition for the ceremony and dinner, with what I would call white wedding elegance, to a punchy, voluminous, ‘in your face’ colourful and opulent party zone.

I anticipate more and more couples paying attention to not just what goes on their dining tables in terms of look, but focusing on the ceiling space, particularly where marquees are concerned. Hanging lanterns, architectural flowers, light installations, bespoke marquee linings, and décor are particularly attractive for those who like the idea of designing their own marquee but aren’t looking for the white marquee look.

Weddings later in the day
I’m seeing a lot more early evening weddings where couples want their celebration to be very much ‘black tie’, starting around 5pm, and leading beautifully into more of a dinner and dance, rather than a more traditional daytime leading to evening affair. I’m a huge fan of the shorter wedding celebration as it often leaves so much more scope to really deliver the ‘wow’ for guests, keeping them constantly entertained and leaving wanting more.

Music and entertainment
Couples will be bolder and more discerning with their choice of wedding band and musicians in 2014, not necessarily restricting themselves to one genre or entertainment option, but choosing options which really appeal to them. I’m seeing couples choosing more alternative options rather than your all-round function band, working with some ‘known faces’ too, who are more open to performing at weddings these days than they used to be. Let’s face it, weddings used to be considered the poor relation of the events world, but with couples really appreciating music and being prepared to pay for it, more and more wedding guests are being treated to some top names and acts.

The return of the photo album
Yes, actually printing photos again! Couples appreciate the flexibility that having all of their wedding photos as high resolution files can bring, allowing them to share and distribute as they wish, but many have been finding over the years that they don’t actually do anything with them, and they sit digitally unappreciated and unviewed for a long time. More and more couples are interested in some kind of album, storybook, canvas prints and other ways of really using and showing their fabulous wedding images.

Happy Planning!

Article by Kelly Chandler of The Bespoke Wedding Company


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