Ring Warming Ceremony

If you are looking for a unique element to add to your wedding ceremony here is a beautiful idea, add a ring warming!

This is when your friends and family “warm” your wedding bands prior to you exchanging them by holding them and silently blessing them with their wishes for your marriage.

This is a perfect way to include your guests in your ceremony; after all they are there to witness your love and commitment to one another and to add their blessings and best wishes to your marriage.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

• You can pass your rings amongst the bridal party to warm them before you exchange them.

• You can have your closest family members -your parents and immediate family members in the first rows warm them.

•You can pass them amongst all your guests. You can begin the ceremony with the officiant announcing that the rings will be passed around and to please add your blessings on them. Then when the guests are finished the best man and get them and pass them amongst the bridal party ending with the officiant saying a blessing on them before you exchange them.

You may want to tie them together with a decorative bow or in a pouch.wed bow


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