Ceremony Descriptions

Secular rose rings

Sometimes referred to as a civil ceremony, a secular wedding is perfect for couples who have a desire to place the focus of the ritual solely on their union rather than on any particular religious doctrine or spiritual beliefs.


“We’re spiritual, but not really religious” comes up quite a bit when I meet with couples to discuss their hopes for their wedding. Some couples these days would like a ceremony that evokes a religious feel, but isn’t clearly connected with any religion.


A non-denominational Christian ceremony that does not conform to a particular denomination’s liturgical requirements nor any specific Christian theology.

Multiple Elements

This particular ceremony would be considered spiritual, but includes a variety of ritual elements into the wedding.

Honoring Your Heritage

A ceremony that includes elements honoring a heritage.

Contemporary Jewish

Many Jews who are not active in a synagogue or temple may still wish to honor their cultural heritage in the context of their wedding ceremony.


The Buddha considered marriage to be a social relationship rather than a religious sacrament, so there are no exact rules for the wedding ceremony in Buddhist scripture. There are ways you can incorporate your Buddhist spirituality into your wedding ceremony and creating a Buddhist wedding.

Native American

There is no such a thing as the “Native American” wedding ceremony. There are, of course, ways in which couples that cherish their Native American ancestors can honor their heritage. Native American refers to hundreds of tribes, each with their own traditions and beliefs. If you wish to have a wedding ceremony recognized by a specific tribe, you should contact the tribe directly. If you wish to include earth-based spirituality or Native American elements in your wedding ceremony, then I can help with that.

African American

If a couple has any religious, ethnic or family traditions they would like to honor during their wedding ceremony, their wishes can be accommodated, if  possible, with a wedding that includes elements honoring their African heritage.

Celtic Elements

If you wish to honor your Irish or Scottish heritage on your wedding day, there are a number of things that can be added for a dash of the Celtic to your celebration.


I am fluent in Spanish and can surely craft a Spanish ceremony with your desired wishes.


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