Types of Wedding Ceremonies I will be Honored to Officiate

Types of Wedding Ceremonies I wiDSCN8416ll be Honored to Officiate

Private Wedding Ceremony (with just the two of you)
Weekday Wedding
Blended Family Weddings
Casual wedding
Indoor weddings
Outdoor weddings
Backyard weddings
Short and sweet marriage vows
Personalized wedding vows
Traditional wedding vows
Instant wedding
Planned wedding ceremony
Surprise weddings
Big wedding ceremony
Small wedding ceremony
Wedding with children
Ceremony honoring deceased parent
Simple weddings
Simple home weddings
Airport wedding
Pre-cruise wedding
Hospital bedside ceremonies
Sand ceremony
Rose ceremony
Unity candle ceremony
Handfasting ceremony
Jumping the Broom
Breaking the Glass
Wine ceremony
Renewal of the vow of your first wedding
Civil wedding ceremony
Religious wedding ceremony
Interfaith weddings
Non-religious wedding ceremony
Legal marriage before the event for friends and family
Double weddings
Bilingual weddings
Spanish weddings
…and more

Are you engaged and planning to be married at a wedding location in New Mexico?   I am flexible to officiate any kind of wedding in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe Area.  I am a bilingual non denominational Minister/Reverend with the Universal Life Church  that can help reflect your feelings of love and celebration. Your choice of ceremony, vows, and readings.  I go where you most want to be: backyards, hotels, resorts, parks, restaurants, ranches, or mountaintops. I’m here for you—wherever that is!  If you did not see your ideal ceremony on the list, just email me and I will do my best to meet your needs.

Together, we can plan the wedding of your dreams, please contact Reverend Nancy Arenas at 505-332-0446 or email her at heartnsole3@yahoo.com.


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