Ceremony Types

A Civil ceremony is a ceremony that doesn’t reference God or any other spiritual deity. Civil ceremonies may have traditional or contemporary readings and there are no prayers or blessings.

A Non-denominational ceremony is typically Christian, without adhering to any particular denomination (Catholic, Baptist, etc) A non-denominational ceremony may have traditional, Christian and/or contemporary readings.

Spanish-Speaking ceremony is a beautiful ceremony that can be Civil, Christian, Non-denominational, Spiritual, or Interfaith. Ceremony may be in all Spanish or part Spanish and part English.

A Spiritual ceremony is a beautiful ceremony that often incorporates traditions, blessings, and/or prayers of non-Christian faiths. May incorporate nature.

Interfaith/intercultural ceremonies incorporate traditions, blessing, and/or prayers from more than one faith or culture. ie. Buddhist and Christian elements, African and Hispanic cultures.

A Christian ceremony is a ceremony with emphasis as Christ at the center of your marriage; an expression of worship, reflecting joy, celebration, community, respect, dignity and love; a testimony of your life before God, demonstrating your Christian values. May include prayers and scripture readings.


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